Customer Stories

A Delicious Souvenir

While out at The Station Inn in Nashville last evening, I couldn’t resist purchasing a GooGoo Cluster as usual. They was great gospel/inspirational singing going on, and I thought I might take one home (several blocks away) as a souvenir. Y’all….that souvenir sure was the best tasting thing I’ve tasted in a very long time. It was better than my first GooGoo many decades ago.

Keep up the great work. You never scrimp on the quality of your ingredients, the calories aren’t high, sodium is low as is the carb count. I noticed the new wrapper, and it’s working just fine to keep the candy fresh and full of flavor.

My mother (May she rest in peace) moved to Pittsburgh, PA in the 1980’s and found no GooGoos. She came and visited your office hoping to get GooGoos in at least one market or shop. She bought several boxes and had some shipped to her after that.

Now, I wish I had bought more than one. GooGoos are way too good.

— Betty Kendall

A TODAY Show Thank You

Pat on Today

On Thursday, December 19, 2013, I got to realize a dream by appearing on NBC’s TODAY Show. I got to talk with Matt, Savannah, Al, Natalie and Carson and take the show to commercial break with those famous words, “This is Today on NBC!”. It was quite a day for me and my family and friends. We were treated like VIP’s and is an event that none of us will ever forget.

To say thank you, I wanted to send something quintessentially Tennessee to the Associate Producer who helped me, Alex Ficquette, and all the anchors and behind the scenes professionals at NBC. So today, I sent the case of Goo Goos so that all could enjoy. I hope they like them as much as I have my whole life.

— Pat McAfee

Cherising Beautiful Memories

My mother grew up in Middle Tennessee in the 1940’s and 50’s. Her favorite treat as a child, and on into adulthood, was the Goo Goo Cluster. When she and my father married, they moved to Missouri where Goo Goo Clusters weren’t as easy to find (if at all in the 1960’s), so she made sure to enjoy them every time they made a trip back to Tennessee to visit her family. When I was 2 years old, we lost my mother in a tragic auto accident. Because I can’t really say that I remember anything about her, I have to cling to the wonderful memories about her that have been told to me by those who loved and knew her best. One of the things that has been told to me over and over again by both my father and my aunt is how much my mother adored Goo Goo Clusters — I mean, she ADORED them — ha ha!

While I was growing up in Missouri, I only had access to Goo Goo Clusters when we would travel to Tennessee to visit my mother’s family. My father would always make a point to buy a Goo Goo Cluster for me while we were there. Not only was it delicious, but it reminded us both of someone so precious that we had lost. I’m very happy to say that as an adult, I can now get a Goo Goo Cluster anytime I want — even in the state of Missouri (thank you, Cracker Barrel!)

Goo Goo Clusters all on their own are wonderful. But for me, they’re so much more than a yummy cluster of chocolate, peanuts, caramel and marshmallow (I’m a stickler for the Original that my mother loved). Because of the sweet thoughts they bring about my mother and those that loved her so much……you would think each one I ate was dipped in gold :)

Thank you so much Standard Candy Company for continuing to make something so special.

— Gretchen M

Goo Goo Love: Alyssa and Patrick’s Sweet Wedding

GOO_GOO Valentine truelove

Bride & Groom:

Alyssa and Patrick Connolly

Wedding Date:

August 3, 2013


Wedding Location:

Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

Photographer Credit:

Jessie Holloway Photography

Alyssa-Goo-Goo-Wedding-2Location of Wedding/Reception:

“When it came down to the planning we knew we wanted our wedding to portray our style as a couple and introduce some of our favorite things to our closest family and friends. Patrick and I held both our Ceremony and Reception at Marathon Village’s Event Space in Nashville. I had been in love with the historic buildings since a young age and enjoyed the urban flare it set for the evening.” ~ Alyssa

Alyssa-Goo-Goo-Wedding-3On having Goo Goo Clusters as part of the big day:

“Patrick and I both grew up with parents in the Military and were used to moving frequently. We met in High School while in Tennessee and it has been our longest stay for years. We now consider Nashville home and wanted to incorporate some southern treats into our wedding reception. From the drinks to the desserts we made sure to use local items from vendors here in town. Patrick and I were most excited about the desserts and wedding favors!

Since we are both foodies with quite a sweet tooth, we knew we wanted our favors to be edible. The first thing that came to our minds were Goo Goo Clusters! The Goo Goos were quite the rage all evening and were a hit with guests of all ages. Another thing I liked was that each Goo Goo Cluster was individually wrapped and allowed guests to stash a few for their trips home. I think this little sweet treat helped bring to life our vision in a big way and portray our love of the city to our out of town friends and family.” ~ Alyssa

Alyssa-Goo-Goo-Wedding-4Would you like to see your Goo Goo wedding featured? Please send your photos and wedding details to We’d love to hear your sweet love story!

Bon Goo! from Haiti

My niece, born and raised in Nashville (a sixth generation Nasvillian) works in Haiti. Knowing that she sometimes misses her hometown I sent her a twelve pack of Goo Goo Candy Bars to share with her office staff.

My thank you note from her came in the form of a picture posted on Facebook of her Haitian coworker pronouncing Goo Goo Bars to be "Bon Goo!".

— Darla Joure


I was in my early twenties and working for Capitol/EMI at the New York office in their Promotion Dept. In 1980, we had a new British band named Kajagoogoo and someone at the record company used the Goo Goo Cluster as part of a promotion for the band. We had a substantial shipment sent directly from the factory to New York to use as giveaways for an appearance by the band.

Despite the fact that I had lived in South Carolina in the mid 1970s and made frequent trips to Eastern Tennessee, I had never gotten the opportunity to try a Goo Goo Cluster. Well, when the promotion director brought in a few boxes just for us and I got my first taste of a fresh one …. WOW!

I think I snuck about 10 of them out of my office to take home! Without question, they are the most delicious candy I have ever tasted!

— Terry Day