Wind Farm

In the 21st century it is impossible to do business without considering the environmental impact of your company’s outputs. Sustainability has become a catchall word to address a company’s consideration of its operations. Some companies do a better job of explaining their position toward sustainability than others and we’ve noticed that ones that do the best job – not surprisingly – have a high level of transparency in the information they share with the public. Therefore, in order to emulate our peers, we will use this space to disclose our sustainability position.

Standard Candy Co. was founded in 1901. In 1912, the Goo Goo Cluster was introduced and for 99 years was made by Standard Candy Co. But by 2010, Standard Candy Co. had become a large contract food manufacturer of nutritional snack bars and internally, the focus on the Goo Goo Cluster brand had waned. Recognizing the incongruity inherent in running a contract food manufacturing business as well as a manufacturing brand marketing company, the board of Standard Candy decided to treat the Goo Goo Cluster brand like the rest of its clients and created Goo Goo Cluster, LLC in 2011 to shepherd the brand back to prominence. In an exclusive licensing agreement, Standard Candy Co. would continue to manufacture Goo Goo Clusters but the newly formed Goo Goo Cluster, LLC would handle every aspect of the brand’s proliferation in the marketplace from imaging to raw materials selection.

With this important difference in the way the Goo Goo brand was handled, it was time to state what sustainability means for Goo Goo Cluster. For even though our parent company, Standard Candy Co. manufactures Goo Goo Clusters, Goo Goo Cluster, LLC is responsible for dictating the way the product is made.

Here is what we have done so far:

  • Stripped the product of vanillin and partially hydrogenated oils and in so doing, made the product a “clean” ingredient declaration product.
  • Purchased Renewable Energy Credits from Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset our manufacture of Goo Goo Clusters beginning in 2011 and continuing through today. The RECs go to fund a wind farm in West Texas.
  • Usage of post consumer recyclable carton and corrugated packaging when available.
  • Freight consolidation to minimize our shipping impact.

Here is what we’re working on for 2015 and beyond:

  • Continuous efforts toward environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Third-party audits and accreditations to validate our efforts.

We welcome feedback about our sustainability work and invite suggestions as to how we can improve efforts. Please check back to this space from time to time to learn about the steps we’re taking to reduce the impact of Goo Goo Cluster manufacturing to the planet.