Black Friday Sale

WRITTEN by BSachan on November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Goo Goo fans! Use this discount code in our online store on Black Friday to get 20% off your order of $50 or more!

2 thoughts on Black Friday Sale

  1. Carla B -

    No other promotions since Black Friday?? Come on, it’s going to be Christmas soon and I need a good deal. BTW, I love the Goo Goo cluster. First time I had one was on my big birthday, this year on my second trip to Nashville. I celebrated there and my hotel sent me a birthday basket with the fantastic clusters. Now I NEED more. Help!!

  2. Ann M. Murray -

    Ah need teh ordha two boxes of 72 Supremes GooGoos teh send teh all of mah sohn’s weddin’ (at Jeckyll Island, GA) guests fohr Christmas gifts. Since this is mah first tihm orda ken y’all extend the black Friday promo ohr staht a new ohn jes fohr teh Christmas holidays? Alla mah Yankee frihends wihll beh fallin’ dowhn teh receive these teh die fo’ goodies cuz the’yall thihnk y’all ken ohnly git ’em in teh south. Ken y’all ‘magin jes how happy ‘n suprised teh’all beh when teh open up their packages an fihnd GooGoo supremes with pecons??? An’thing y’all ken do wud be real special an’ Ah am suhre wud wahrm up these frozen Yankee hearts….. Thank y’all…..Bohrn in teh South but sentenced teh Boston…..


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