Dreaming of a White Christmas

WRITTEN by GAdmin on November 05, 2018

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We've designed the limited edition White Christmas inspired Premium Goo Goo just in time for Irving Berlin's White Christmas The Musical taking the stage at Tennessee Performing Arts Center from November 13-18! The White Christmas cluster is filled with dark chocolate peppermint ganache, crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, and peppermint nougat all covered in a white chocolate candy shell. Best part? The crushed peppermint bark base! Don't miss this Goo Goo or White Christmas at Andrew Jackson Hall. 

The Premium Goo Goo will be available at the Goo Goo Shop (116 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN) starting on November 6, as well as all White Christmas performances starting November 13, 2018. >>> Get in the Christmas spirit, order yours

Photo courtesy Southern Fatty Photography.

2 thoughts on Dreaming of a White Christmas

  1. Danita Burleson -

    A few years back y’all made the most delicious white chocolate cinnamon pecan clusters, I used to order them and since you no longer make them, can I get the recipe to make them? They are the best thing I’ve ever had!!!!!

    1. Valerie Hammond -

      Danita - you've got a good memory! Those clusters were a special collaboration with Cinnabon at least 9-10 years ago. Unfortunately we don't own the rights to the recipe, so we're not able to give it out. Hopefully you can play around in the kitchen and try to recreate.


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