Goo Goo Appearance on The Walking Dead

WRITTEN by BSachan on December 09, 2014

Goo Goo Appearance on The Walking Dead Image

SPOILER ALERT! If you’re a fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and you haven’t yet watched the mid-season finale, then you may want to stop reading now and come back to this after you’ve watched.

Currently the #1 show on television, The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale episode last Sunday had the highest viewership in series history, watched by 14.8 million people. And Goo Goo Cluster appeared in the final scene– pretty cool! Click here to watch the video.




2 thoughts on Goo Goo Appearance on The Walking Dead

  1. Nancy Garabrandt -

    That scene and an appearance of this fabulous candy bar did not escape me! Two of my favorite things 🙂 Thanks for GooGoo Clusters, I grew up with this tasty treat.

  2. Richard H. Hicks -

    I worked for Standard Candy Co. while attending school in Nashville during 1963 and 1964. At that time they were located downtown on 2nd Ave. I was personally acquainted with
    Mr. Howell Campbell Jr. and Mr. Crockett Gunn ; they were both fine gentlemen and were very
    good to me. I handled many thousands of Goo Goo’s as I worked in the shipping dept.. They also made many different candies at the time I worked there. I have many pleasant memories of my time working there. I also visited the plant after you move out to the Industrial Park off Briley Pkwy in the 1970’s. I am glad to see the success with the Goo Goo’s and feel I had a small part in promoting them.
    Richard H. Hicks Louisville, TN.


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