Great Childhood Memory

WRITTEN by GAdmin on February 04, 2013

Growing up as a child in Mississippi, I remember my dad taking us to this country store up the street. It was a tradition of his to take us to the store each Friday afternoon. My siblings would run in and grab various kinds of candy and chips and other treats. I didn’t. I had one candy on my mind and it was a Goo-Goo Cluster. I remember the shiny silver pack and how I used to finish it before leaving the store. Over the years, nothing has changed. Today at 31 years old, GooGoo Cluster is still my favorite candy. As a mother of two, my daughter’s and I have one thing in common. Our love for the GooGoo Cluster. Though the wrapper and the packaging has changed with time, the candy itself is still the same. The flavor brings back a childhood memory each time I have one. The GooGoo Cluster is a great childhood memory of mine and from the looks of it, my children will have the same memory when they become adults.

— Heather Harris -Glover

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  1. Gail Lacey -

    Recently while driving down I-20 in Birmingham, Alabama, I saw a large sign anounceing, GooGoo Clusters were back. That brought back some very special memory of my Dad. There was a little store close to our house. Whenever we went by the store he would always stopp, go in and come back out with two googoo cluster. We would sit in car and eat them. It became our special time. After a while, he started putting mine in his shirt pocket. At first I would almost cry. Some I knew it was there and just reach in his pocket and got mine out. That made him laugh. Such a sweet memory. This candy is just a good now as it was then. I’m 73 years old and so happy that googoo clusters are back.


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