Introducing The Hummingbird Premium Goo Goo

WRITTEN by BSachan on January 27, 2016

Introducing The Hummingbird Premium Goo Goo Image

The Nashville Convention and Visitor’s Corporation announced earlier this week that Southern Living is partnering with the city of Nashville to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary this year. Nashville Now (#NashvilleNow) is an event that will take place Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1-5, throughout Music City.

In addition to the big celebration in September, Southern Living collaborated with us (!!!!) on a limited edition Premium flavor to commemorate the 50th anniversary: The Hummingbird Premium Goo Goo.

The Hummingbird was a collaboration between Southern Living and the Goo Goo team to come up with the perfect representation of the southern lifestyle in candy form. Inspired by a very southern dessert, the Hummingbird Cake, the new Premium is made of pecan butter, pecans, banana chips, caramel, vanilla wafer and whipped pineapple white chocolate cream cheese ganache, all covered in dark chocolate.

Since the original recipe for Hummingbird Cake appeared in Southern Living in 1978, it has become the most requested recipe in the brand’s history, so it only seemed fitting that our Premium creation be based on this popular dessert.

The 4-ounce Hummingbird is made by hand in our downtown Nashville Goo Goo Shop, located at 116 Third Avenue South. It is available for purchase exclusively at the Goo Goo Shop and online at from now through March 31st, 2016. At the end of March, it will be retired and then re-released in September for the NashvilleNow event.

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4 thoughts on Introducing The Hummingbird Premium Goo Goo

  1. Love Goo Goos -

    I have a funny store about Goo Goo’s, one day I was having a chocolate craving.
    I couldn’t find anything. I had a Goo Goo commemorative can, looked in it and there was one cluster.( my original thought, I’m sure was to keep one for a souvenir) The chocolate had turned white but it still tasted good.
    When I read about the new Hummingbird cluster and it was suggested to eat within two weeks it made me think of my old one.
    Margaret L Teague
    Springfield, MO

  2. Kathy -

    I really do love the goo goo clusters I love the combination of peanut butter and peanuts. when I tried my very first one I was in love since. I get them at dollar general in Dresden Ohio . was wandering if u can have a big tin of them. I love the Goo Goo Cluster peanut butter


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