Goo Goo on Pickler and Ben

Check it out – we were on Pickler & Ben! Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron have a lot of fun on their daily talk show, and we got to play around in the kitchen with them as they created their own signature Goo Goo made up of hazelnuts, chocolate hazelnut spread, peanut butter, vanilla wafers and rainbow sprinkles. It’s only available for a limited time online and in our store, so hurry and get yours before they’re gone!

Bon Appetit Goo Goo Feature

Thanks to Bon Appetit for an oh-so-sweet feature! In case you missed the article, click here to read it now.

Goo Goo Shop Named Best Candy Store in Nashville!

The most anticipated annual issue of the Nashville Scene hit stands today- the Best of Nashville!

We are excited and proud to announce that the Goo Goo Shop was voted #1 Best Candy Store in the Nashville Scene 2016 Reader’s Poll. Thank you all for supporting and loving us so much! It’s a sweet life indeed.

The Tennessean: Best Milkshakes in Nashville

Today’s Tennessean features “Nashville’s 5 Best Milkshakes” and guess who has #1 and #4?? That’s right. The Goo Goo Shop Dessert Bar!





Goo Goo in Southern Living’s Best of the South: Southern Candy

Pick up a copy of Southern Living’s January 2016 issue!

Goo Goo Cluster Makes Second Appearance on The Walking Dead

You may recall that last year, Goo Goo showed up on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” mid-season finale. Click here for the details on that.

Earlier this week, we showed up again! On the episode “Here’s Not Here”, the writers had some callbacks to earlier moments in the series, thus explaining why Morgan placed that Goo Goo Cluster on the alter of Gabriel’s church during the mid-season finale. Click here to watch the full episode and learn why for yourself!