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The Best Gifts For Your Godparents

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

Being a godparent is a big deal. It’s a special role in which you take on the responsibility of helping guide and mentor your godkids to grow up to be the best they can be, and it’s a huge responsibility.

As such, the relationship between you and your godparents is a special one that deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged. So whether you’re asking someone to take on the role of godparent for your newborn baby or are looking for a present to show how much you love and appreciate your own godparent, here are some great sentimental gifts that’ll show just how much you love and appreciate the important role that they have played in your life. 

Goo Goo Cluster Pecan Cocoa & Candy Gift Set

Helping bring up a child isn’t always the easiest undertaking, so consider giving your godparents a gift that acknowledges that nuttiness. This Pecan Cocoa & Candy Gift Set comes with two delicious Pecan Goo Goo Clusters and 9 ounces of Pecan Truffle Hot Cocoa, plus a “What A Cluster!” mug to drink their hot chocolate out of. It’s a gift that’s equal parts delicious and funny, making it perfect for godparents who know that playing such an active role in helping bring up kids can sometimes be a bit of a cluster. 

Skylight Digital Picture Frame

If you have godparents who are always begging to see photos of their godchildren and families, consider this digital picture frame by Skylight! This frame is an excellent piece of decor and an especially good option for anyone who isn’t active on social media but still wants to keep in contact. It’s also super simple to get all your photos to their frame: simply email your pictures to their special Skylight email address, and the pictures will pop right up for them to enjoy. It’s a great way for them to keep up with all your family’s adventures even when they’re not there in person. 

Movies On Glass Godparent Pint Glasses

If you have godparents who take their duties very seriously (and enjoy a good drink at the end of a hard day’s work of mentoring and inspiring their godkids), check out this pair of matching godparent pint glasses! Both glasses are odes to famous godparents in movies and media, and your godparents will love settling down on the couch for a movie night and their favorite beverages. 

Godparent Proposal Customizable Photo Frame

If you’re looking for the perfect present to “pop the question” to your newborn’s prospective godparents, choose a customizable photo that they can’t say no to! This beautiful picture frame lets you add your newborn’s picture, plus the baby’s name and the names of their godparents to a heartfelt message asking them to take on the role, and they’ll be able to keep it and cherish the memories for years to come. 

Schmidt Brothers BBQ Tools Set 

If some of your fondest memories of your godparents involved leisurely backyard BBQs with the whole family, give them a much-deserved upgrade with this set of premium barbecue tools. The tools in this set are made with stainless steel and gorgeous ash wood handles, making them both classy and practical for smoking and grilling their favorite BBQ meals. And who knows - this gift might mean that you’ll soon get an invite to the next outdoor cookout! 

Indoor S’mores Fire Pit

For your outdoorsy godparents whose idea of fun always included camping in the great outdoors and giving their best advice while gathered around a bonfire, consider bringing the joy inside with this cool indoor s’mores maker. All they’ll need is some chafing fluid to get the fire pit started (plus the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallow goods) and they’ll be able to enjoy those gooey, melty s’mores any time of the year from the comfort of their own home. 

Alex And Ani My Guardian Angel Godmother Charm Bangle

When you want to gift your godmother a truly sentimental gift that’ll remind her of her favorite godkid (you!), you can’t go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry made specifically for her. This beautiful bangle is available in either antique silver or antique gold and features a two-sided charm that says “Godmother” on the front and “Guardian Angel” on the back. It’s a sweet way to let her wear her heart on her sleeve and look good while doing it. 

Godfather Pocket Knife

For the godfather who never asks for anything, consider getting him a practical gift that he’ll end up using all the time like this pocket knife. This high-quality knife features a wooden plate that can be engraved with the words of your choice, making it both sentimental anduseful for your godfather who’s always working with his hands. 

Personalized Godparent Ornament 

If your godparents collect Christmas ornaments, or if you want an especially sentimental gift that they’ll admire year after year during the holiday season, get them a personalized ornament for their tree. This customizable ornament is made with acrylic and engraved with their godkid’s name. It’s a sleek and modern take on ornaments that will look good with virtually any other Christmas decor in their home. 

Homesick State Scented Candles 

These candles are an excellent and super-meaningful gift for your long-distance godparents who you may not see much in person anymore but miss dearly every day. Each of these candles is carefully crafted with scents that are reminiscent of states, cities, places, or even specific memories that will get them feeling nostalgic. Choose a candle in the state that means the most to them so that every time they light it up their home will fill with wonderful and sentimental scents of their favorite place.


Being a godparent is one of the most special roles that you can play in a child’s life, and it deserves to be celebrated with a sentimental gift that conveys just how much you appreciate them being there. Choose one of these touching gifts to acknowledge that special bond and remind them just how important they have been in your life.