Enjoying Goo Goos for Over 50 Years

Wow! I remember eating Goo Goos from as long as I was allowed to go to the store by myself. I would walk to the corner store and buy them. They were were either five or ten cents then. I would eat them at least 2-3 times a week. You could say I was addicted to them. At that time they were only here in middle Tennessee, which as I got older made me feel like we had a secret and the whole world was not in on it.

I joined the Army in 1981, and my first duty station was in Texas, I would buy Goo Goos by the case and take them with me there. People would ask "what is that ?" And proudly I would say "Its a Goo Goo, you can only get them in Tennessee" I shared them and was known in my barracks as the Goo Goo guy. When I was assigned to Germany, in 1983, I used to have my mom send Goo Goos as part of my care package from home. As it turned out, my company commander was from Nashville and he appreciated that I would share "a bit of home" with him.

As the years passed, I still enjoy Goo Goos, even getting them for my employees when I was a manager for Krispy Kreme. I would get them by the case and had them out for Christmas presents.

I’m in my 50’s now and still enjoy a fresh Goo Goo every now and then. There is nothing like it in the world and I for one am glad that I was born in the South and was privileged enough to have this made here in my hometown.

— Darryl Floyd