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My Goo Goo Story: Mary L. Weakley

Winner of the “Share Your Goo Goo Story” contest that Gail Kerr featured
in her Tennessean column recently.

Mary L Weakley holding a photo of her father’s country store that is still in Cumberland Furnace, TN, where she became one of our first Goo Goo customers.

Mary’s story:
“Gail Kerr, you really opened up a Pandora’s box of memories for me when you wrote the article about that piece of work called the Goo Goo Cluster. I learned it was 100 years old – just 3 years older than I am (January 20th 1915).

I can remember that Goo Goo Cluster like it was yesterday – how it looked, tasted, and smelled!

My dad had a general merchandise store in a small village in Dickson County, TN. Of course he had that candy showcase with mirrored doors in the back (I still have those hinged doors). That, of course, made it look like twice the amount. It was a beautiful place to stand and drool and wish.

That Goo Goo was always my favorite and remained that for so many years.

Back in those days drummers made the rounds about once a month. I had four brothers and we all remembered the day that candy drummer was due and we would be there when Bud Lusky put that sample container out and opened it- Oh, the heavenly smell coming off those sample candies! He had a small sample for each of us.

Back in the 20s and early 30s, our village had mail delivered once a day but we would go to the post office in the afternoon. The young folks would walk the quarter of a mile to the post office to get together. On my way out of the store, I would swing by the candy counter and get a Goo Goo to enjoy on the way. Those were some happy and wonderful times and I love thinking about the good life I’ve had. And to think Goo Goos and I are still here! What a joy.

Happy 100th Birthday Goo Goo!!!”