Goo Goo Shop Dessert Bar Grand Opening

WRITTEN by BSachan on February 05, 2016

Goo Goo Shop Dessert Bar Grand Opening Image

For more details on the Goo Goo Shop and our new Dessert Bar, including a peek at the delicious menu, click here.

2 thoughts on Goo Goo Shop Dessert Bar Grand Opening


    And all of these years including being shipped to me while in the Army…a friend’s Mom used to send the disfigured goo goos that didn’t make it to final production in a white paper box for me and my buddies. She worked at the plant over in Elm Hill. I was always told GooGoo stood for Grand Ol Opry…the good from birth is ok with me too. Goo Goo

  2. Douglas Cotant -

    Are there any Stores in Salt Lake City, Utah carry the Maga Fudge goo goo Cluster, this was featured in the “Blondie” Cartoon.

    1. bsachan -

      Hi Douglas, the Goo Goo featured in Blondie was just a figment of the cartoonist’s imagination. We don’t actually have a Mega Fudge Goo Goo. The best way to find Goo Goo Clusters in your area is to use our Store Locator!


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