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Thank-You Gifts For Teachers

  • by 1o8
  • 5 min read

A good teacher is a true gift. They put a huge amount of time, effort, and heart into helping our kids learn and grow, and their work very often goes unnoticed. So if you want to give back and show your favorite teachers how much of a difference they have made in the lives of your children, you can’t go wrong with a good thank-you gift. Here are thirteen of the best thank you gifts that teachers would actually love to receive. 

The 13 Best Thank-You Gifts For Teachers 

Pick Me Up Care Packfrom Goo Goo Cluster 

Pick Me Up Care Pack from Goo Goo Cluster

It’s been a long, hard couple of years to be an educator, so it’s probably safe to say that your favorite teacher needs a good pick-me-up. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with some premium caffeine and chocolate from America’s first combination candy bar brand, Goo Goo Clusters. Make their day instantly brighter with this energizing gift set that includes a Fluffer Crunch Premium Goo Goo, a pack of ground coffee, and a What a Cluster! mug to acknowledge a true cluster of a year. 

Hello Gorgeous Gift Set from Lush USA 

Hello Gorgeous Gift Set from Lush USA

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Nothing says “thank you for dealing with my children all year” than a gift that allows your favorite teachers to relax and pamper themselves - and nothing lets you do that better than a spa gift box! The Hello Gorgeous gift set from Lush has a ton of goodies that will help them unwind, like a bath bomb, bubble bar, shower scrub, shower gel, body lotion, andluxurious moisturizer. 

Alternatively, you can also splurge on a gift card for your local spa so that your teacher can get the full pampering service that they so rightly deserve. 

A Personalized Bottle Of Wine from Personal Wine 

Personalized wine bottle

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If you know your teacher enjoys a glass of something strong at the end of a long day of work, they’re sure to appreciate a nice bottle of wine from you. Make it a little more personal by customizing the label and really expressing your heartfelt thanks for all the hard work they’ve put in with your child over the past couple of months. 

Temperature Control Smart Mug by Ember

 Temperature Mug Controlx

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Coffee mugs are always a go-to gift for educators, but they probably have countless gifted mugs piling up in their cupboards. So for the busy teacher who spends all their time running around the classroom and never gets a chance to sip that much-needed coffee while it’s hot, the Temperature Control Smart Mug by Ember is a total gamechanger. This app-controlled coffee mug can keep their hot drink at the exact temperature they prefer for hours so they’ll never have to resignly sip on that sad, cold coffee from the morning ever again - no matter how busy the hours were in between! 

Book Subscription From Book Of The Month

Book subscription

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After a long day of teaching your kids about the joys of getting lost in a great book, many teachers would love to curl up with a nice read themselves. A book subscription like the one from Book Of The Month is a fun and convenient way to let them read to their heart’s content. You can buy a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months, and each month they’ll get to choose a book from a list of carefully curated read to be delivered straight to their door. It’s a great way to let them choose a gift of their own taste from the comfort of their home! 

Peaceful Lavender Gift Set by Uncommon Goods

Peaceful lavender set

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Good teachers help our kids grow. Good teachers are probably also pretty stressed out throughout the week. So your kid’s teacher is probably going to love this Peaceful Lavender Gift Set in which they can grow their own relaxing lavender plant in their classroom! The kit is self-watering, so they don’t have to do much more than plant it and let it bloom. It also includes an essential oil roller for even more relaxation, plus an hourglass timer to remind them to take breaks or even to be used as part of their next lesson plan. 

A Gift Card For Dinner And A Movie

Dinner and a movie

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For the teacher that really deserves a good night out, consider taking the classic gift card one step further to one that buys them a full dinner and movie experience. This Dinner and A Movie gift card set includes vouchers for dinner at select restaurants as well as enough credit for a movie ticket or two, so your teacher can treat themselves to a couple of well-deserved hours of self-care. 

Fall Traditions Mini Hand Sanitizer Gift Set from Bath And Body Works

Mini Hand Sanitizer Gift Set

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Cleanliness and sanitation are in high demand this year, especially among teachers who are stuck with a large student body all day long. So your favorite educator will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness of a hand sanitizer gift set. This set from Bath & Body Works includes some of their signature delectable fall scents like Crisp Morning Air, Champagne Apple & Honey, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Cupcake, and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte. It’ll keep them clean and safe, and each delicious scent will bring them back to that start-of-school year feeling! 

Teacher Lesson Planner by Erin Condren 

Teacher lesson planner


If your kid’s teacher loves stationery and organization, they’re going to be thrilled to receive a gift as beautiful and functional as the Teacher Lesson Planners by Erin Condren. These planners contain a full year’s worth of pages dedicated to helping them plan and schedule their lessons for your children, plus a ton of extra pages to allot to their other planning needs. They also come in a huge variety of designs, covers, and colors, so you can choose one that’s pertinent to that teacher’s likes and interests. 

Chocolate Caramel-Covered Apples from Harry & David 

Chocolate & Caramel covered apples

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There are few gifts as synonymous with teaching as apples, the fruit that stands for knowledge and abundance. If you want to take that classic idea a step further and satisfy some sweet tooths along the way, consider gifting your teacher a gourmet candied apple like this delectable option from Harry & David. Your teacher will appreciate the symbolism, thoughtfulness, and luxury.

HeatBud Personal Ceramic Heater by Honeywell

HeatBud Personal Ceramic Heater

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Ideal for the teacher with little control over the school-sanctioned thermostat, a personal space heater like the HeatBud by Honeywell lets them stay warm all lesson long. This space heater comes with two different heat settings and is compact enough for their desk, letting them stay nice and toasty even in the dead of the winter - no more excessive layering in order to beat the cold! 

Tickets To Their Favorite Artists, Sports Teams, Etc. 

Entertainment ticket

For a truly astounding teacher who deserves the world, an experience of a lifetime is a surefire way to convey gratitude and appreciation. If your favorite teacher has shown a ton of enthusiasm for a specific musical artist or is a die-hard fan of a sports team, consider teaming up with other parents in the class and splurging for an event ticket. It’s guaranteed to be a moment they’ll never forget! 

A Handwritten Card From Your Child 

Handwritten card from your child

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a heartfelt card written by your child. Sit them down and have them show off everything they’ve learned by writing a note that conveys how big of an impact that teacher has had on them. A nice card is guaranteed to touch their hearts and let them know just how much their work is appreciated.