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Goo Goo Warm Weather Shipping 2016

Spring is here! While we love the warmer weather that spring brings, chocolate isn’t really a fan. This is the time of year we have to start paying really close attention to the temperature and at any moment, could deem it necessary to flip the switch on our warm weather shipping policy.

Basically, this is what you need to know:
We always work hard to ensure that our chocolate is delivered fresh and in good condition. During the warmer months of the year when temperatures are over 70 degrees (typically April through October, but could possibly be other months as well), all candy orders are sent using insulated shippers and cold packs to help ensure the chocolate arrives in good condition via ground transportation.

This solution requires an additional $10 fee per shipment of candy, and will be applied to your order at checkout during warmer periods of time. It is possible that the warm weather charge could be on one day and off the next, but starting in mid to late April, it is likely to be on for good until October.

In addition, any shipments that would normally be scheduled to ship on Fridays will be held until the following Monday during warmer weather to ensure minimal time in transit. We reserve the right to make logical decisions regarding ship date based on weather conditions to ensure candy orders arrive in the best condition possible.