What: The Great Goo Goo Scavenger Hunt When: Saturday, October 13, beginning at 12 p.m. Where: Downtown Nashville We’re turning 100, and instead of a birthday party where you bring us gifts, we’re having a scavenger hunt where we’ll be giving you prizes! ~The Great Goo Goo Scavenger Hunt~ On Saturday, October 13th, beginning at noon, a series of clues will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, leading participants to the secret locations. (Lightning 100 will also be posting the clues on its Facebook page) There are five locations in downtown Nashville which will be changed every hour on the hour. Once participants arrive at the location, they will find a Goo Goo ambassador on site with a box of specially marked Goo Goo Clusters. Those candies will serve as entries into drawings for an array of prizes, including concert tickets, gift certificates to area businesses, Goo Goo Clusters, and Goo Goo merchandise. For each location visited, participants will get one entry. Participants who visit all 5 locations – and acquire a specially marked Goo Goo Cluster from each – will be guaranteed to win a prize, and will be eligible to win the grand prize: a year’s worth of Goo Goo Clusters and $100 to spend at Goo Goo’s online store. For those who are unable to participate in The Great Goo Goo Scavenger Hunt, don’t be sad! We’ll also host a series of contests and giveaways on our Facebook page throughout the entire month of October […]

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What:  Goo Goo Cluster’s 100th Anniversary Celebration When:  Saturday, October 6, 2012 12 – 4 pm 3 – 4 pm Hogslop String Band performs live Where:  Dylan’s Candy Bar 1011 3rd Avenue  New York, NY 10065 If you’re in New York, come and celebrate with us! The Goo Goo Girls will be on hand giving out samples, we’ll have prize giveaways and we’re even bringing an awesome band from Nashville with us on the trip! facebook twitter pinterest google+

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Winner of the “Share Your Goo Goo Story” contest that Gail Kerr featured in her Tennessean column recently.Mary L Weakley holding a photo of her father’s country store that is still in Cumberland Furnace, TN, where she became one of our first Goo Goo customers. Mary’s story: “Gail Kerr, you really opened up a Pandora’s box of memories for me when you wrote the article about that piece of work called the Goo Goo Cluster. I learned it was 100 years old – just 3 years older than I am (January 20th 1915). I can remember that Goo Goo Cluster like it was yesterday – how it looked, tasted, and smelled! My dad had a general merchandise store in a small village in Dickson County, TN. Of course he had that candy showcase with mirrored doors in the back (I still have those hinged doors). That, of course, made it look like twice the amount. It was a beautiful place to stand and drool and wish. That Goo Goo was always my favorite and remained that for so many years. Back in those days drummers made the rounds about once a month. I had four brothers and we all remembered the day that candy drummer was due and we would be there when Bud Lusky put that sample container out and opened it- Oh, the heavenly smell coming off those sample candies! He had a small sample for each of us. Back in the 20s and early 30s, our village […]

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During the entire month of October, over thirty independent Nashville restaurants will celebrate Goo Goo Cluster’s “century of sweet success” by creating and serving a dessert inspired by the candy. Stay tuned for further details and a full list of participating restaurants. Be sure to follow the Goo Goo Cluster blog,Facebook page, and Twitter for the most up to date information regarding all events surrounding the 100th anniversary! facebook twitter pinterest google+

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Live on the Green: October 11th Image

Goo Goo Cluster will be a partner with Lightening 100 for their “Live on the Green” October 11th concert. Come see us, sample some delicious candy, and take a chance at winning some cool prizes, all while listening to some incredible music! For more information on “Live on the Green”, visit their website.

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The Tennessean – “A Mount Pleasant woman who was an Army nurse in 1964 when she fell in love with a Tennessee soldier who courted her with flowers and Goo Goo candy clusters.” Read Full Article

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Goo Goo Cluster Jog 'n Hog - October 13th Image

Run, eat, run. That’s the simple premise behind the inaugural Goo Goo Clusters Jog n’ Hog, a fun and slightly crazy event that will challenge participants’ bodies, minds…and stomachs. Here’s how it works: Runners will jog 1.5 miles through Shelby Park, stop and eat six Goo Goo Clusters and then run about 1.5 miles back to the starting line. Sounds fun, right?!? Open to everyone ages 10 and up, the Jog ‘n Hog will be held on Saturday, October 13th at 8:30 a.m. in Shelby Park. All runners receive a unique race t-shirt, a commemorative “Hog Tag”, and of course, Goo Goo Clusters! Registration for the race is now open at jogandhog.com. And just for you special Goo Goo fans, you can receive $5 off your entry fee with code “JOGNHOGBLOG”.

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Mark your calendars for the Great Goo Goo Scavenger Hunt taking place on Saturday, October 13th! Clues will be disseminated via Goo Goo’s social media channels and Lightning 100 between noon and 5 pm on that day, leading seekers to various locations in and around downtown Nashville. For each Goo Goo collected during the hunt, participants will receive one entry for a random drawing to win a variety of prizes – Goo Goo merchandise, gift certificates, concert tickets, Team Green memberships, and much more! To stay up to date on all the details, become a fan of Goo Goo on Facebook and/or Twitter. facebook twitter pinterest google+

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Dylan's Candy Bar: L.A. Image

Please join us to celebrate the recent opening of the newest Dylan’s Candy Bar in the L.A. Farmer’s Market! The Goo Goo Girls will be on hand on sampling all 3 Goo Goo flavors! Sunday, September 9th 12-4 pm Dylan’s Candy Bar  333 West 3rd Street  Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Forbes – “In the beginning there was candy, and it was good.”

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