The Tennessean – “I love giving local treats at holidays to relatives who live out of state, and sending business clients a local product gives them a tempting taste of Tennessee.”

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It’s hard to believe that a week ago today I was in Chicago at the NCA’s Sweet & Snack Expo 2011.  Things are moving at a brisk clip in Goo Goo Land.  This was my second trip in as many years to the Show and I’m amazed at the size of the show and the amount of candy that is on display.  Still, this is a trade show and as such, it was important for us to beat the drum and let folks know that we’re back.  New packaging, new ingredient declaration, new sustainability focus – we’re old, but we’re new! We had a great show and had substantive conversations with several large U.S. retailers and distributors as well as some exciting conversations with exporters that wanted to take Goo Goo Clusters to Canada, Mexico, Europe and Japan.  It was fun to think about the international Goo Goo Cluster but the truth is, my focus at this show was on just finding some solid distributors to help us grow our base in the Southeast.  Strangely, I seemed to make better distributor connections with companies based pretty much everywhere else in the U.S.  Northeast? Check.  Southwest? Check.  Northwest? Check.  Great Lakes/Midwest? Check.  Obviously, this is good news if you live in one of those parts of the country.  Still, as we move toward Goo Goo Cluster’s centennial next year, it is massively important to me that we get better market penetration into the Southeast; our home base. The people at the […]

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The last time Standard Candy had any real spend for marketing Goo Goo Clusters was sometime early in the last decade.  Needless to say, when you stop getting in front of people you tend to slip from the public consciousness and we certainly felt that these last few years.  That is why in 2010 when I set about trying to revitalize this historic brand I advocated marketing programs that went beyond simply giving away candy (albeit, an important part of the process now that we’ve got a superior product for people to taste). One thing I had not anticipated when I took over day-to-day responsibility for the Goo Goo brand was the number of solicitations I would field.  There seems to be an endless number of concert series, county fairs, food expos, sports teams, civic events, etc that are all looking for sponsors and in Tennessee, a brand with the rich history of Goo Goo Cluster seems often enough on the minds of folks looking for financial help with their respective interest.  Add in a little press about a concerted revitalization effort in say, The Tennessean and my phone started blowing up. Many events seem reasonable enough to sponsor – especially when all a group wants is product to distribute into event swag bags.  However, we’re running a business and anytime I agree to give away candy I’m taking revenue out of not only our pocket but the retailers who are our partners.  This past week I was approached by a […]

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The Tennessean- “ The Goo Goo Cluster, that mound of chocolate-covered marshmallow, caramel and nuts, is like the Patsy Cline of candy bars, a true Nashville star and icon in Southern culture.”

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In an effort to keep friends and fans of Goo Goo Cluster abreast of what is happening in Goo Goo World we offer this blog.  I will be posting here from time to time about different events that Goo Goo is involved in, promotions that may be happening or just general ramblings and musings about the candy industry and our little sliver in that universe.  This is my first post – and really just a test to make sure that it links properly to our new website that is up in soft launch mode at  I’ll be back soon with something more substantive soon. Go Get A Goo Goo! Lance Paine, EVP Goo Goo Cluster, LLC facebook twitter pinterest google+

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Candy Industry- “Lance Paine looks to revitalize Standard Candy Co.’s centennial-to-be brand through a series of quality, production and marketing upgrades. In doing so, customers and consumers will be reminded of how good a Goo Goo Cluster really is.”

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