The Tennessean- “ The Goo Goo Cluster, that mound of chocolate-covered marshmallow, caramel and nuts, is like the Patsy Cline of candy bars, a true Nashville star and icon in Southern culture.”

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In an effort to keep friends and fans of Goo Goo Cluster abreast of what is happening in Goo Goo World we offer this blog.  I will be posting here from time to time about different events that Goo Goo is involved in, promotions that may be happening or just general ramblings and musings about the candy industry and our little sliver in that universe.  This is my first post – and really just a test to make sure that it links properly to our new website that is up in soft launch mode at  I’ll be back soon with something more substantive soon. Go Get A Goo Goo! Lance Paine, EVP Goo Goo Cluster, LLC facebook twitter pinterest google+

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Candy Industry- “Lance Paine looks to revitalize Standard Candy Co.’s centennial-to-be brand through a series of quality, production and marketing upgrades. In doing so, customers and consumers will be reminded of how good a Goo Goo Cluster really is.”

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