Summer Chef Series: Tandy’s Candy

Tandy’s Candy

James Beard Award winner Chef Tandy Wilson collaborated with us to create a Premium Goo Goo using City House Oatmeal Crisp Cookies, sorghum nougat, fried peanuts, raisins, and caramel, all covered in milk chocolate.

Available now – September 9, 2016 at the Goo Goo Shop and in our online store!

Goo Goo Shop
116 3rd Ave S
Nashville, TN 37201

2 thoughts on “Summer Chef Series: Tandy’s Candy

  1. Lesstressrx

    Why do you not make your candy in dark chocolate? I don’t eat milk chocolate and many of my friends doesn’t either. Dark chocolate is so much richer and better for you. Thanks

    1. bsachan Post author

      We actually do make several of our Premium Goo Goos in dark chocolate. The Howie, which can be found in our online store year-round, is our gourmet version of an Original Goo Goo, coated in dark chocolate!


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